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Bootybuilding plans by Tamara for beginners to intermediate 🍑

Contact me at for personal booty building plans for beginners  wanting to build, shape and firm! 

Personal workout plan to target your desired goals start from £19.99

To add diet plans £29.99

8 Week plan to get in shape for summer or that special event with weekly updates and check with myself £120.00


Protein Bagel Anyone? 

Here is a quick and easy way to get some extra protein in throughout the day. Personally, I find it very difficult to take protein shakes and other blends. This means I’m constantly thinking of alternative ways to get as much as I can through foods alone. 

This meal is great for breakfast, lunch, post gym, whenever you like! Change the filling to suit the meal. I used bacon, which made it perfect for a yummy late breakfast! However, change that filling to chicken, beef, salmon and you are looking at a winning protein filled lunch or dinner! 


Dr Zak’s Protein Bagel – 294Kcal , 26g Protein 

1/2 Avacado – 120Kcal 

1 egg – 65Kcal, 5/6g Protein 

3 Bacons slices (smoked/unsmoked) 180Kcal, 16g Protein 

Lettuce/spinach (Any green you find suitable) 15 Kcal per 100g 

You are your own competition… 

It is very easy to look at other people and be jealous of the way their body looks. 

It is important to remember that everyone has different genetics and body types, for some it is very hard to change their body shape. Whilst genetics may hinder it is also important to remember that it is not a race, if you are working hard you will see those results so don’t give up. 

I like to believe if you are beating yourself you are winning. What I mean by this is if you are doing better or looking better than your former self, you are making progress. However small that may be, small progress is better than none; showing your determination to better yourself. 

This I apply to all aspects of my life not just fitness. Do better than your old self. 

My goal is to be in better shape this year than last year. Set goals, don’t stop until you reach them! 


(Summer body, 2016) 

Swap that Maccies meal for 3 Meals! 

Many people feel they can not afford to eat healthy or have the time to cook and prepare such meals. But the truth is people would rather take the easy option, that fast food option.
A medium Maccies meal could set you back around £5.00-£6.00, depending on whether you like the extras or go large. That’s a lot of money for one meal, which probably won’t fill you up, contains around 700 calories and finally has little nutritional value.
I’ve managed to create three meals all containing essential vitamins and minerals, the best part being preparation time is only around 10-15 minutes!
Ingredients and approximate prices are listed below:
Extra Lean beef escalopes -£3.95
178kcal per 100g serving

Mixed vedgtables with garlic but serving -£1.50

56kcal serving

Lime and coriander rice – 0.60

147.3kcal per serving

Olives -optional

Total Price £6.05

These meals can be stored in the refrigerator once prepared.I always consume mine within 2 -3 days maximum. These meals are very low in calorie intake. Portion sizes can be adjusted to the meet requirements of the individual.

SWAP that Maccies!


Who am I…?

My name is Tamara, 23 . I am third year business student at Manchester Met University. I was instantly sucked into the uni lifestyle of partying and takeaways at least three nights a week. I did not have a care in the world for my health and just thought I was living life. In second year I realised this was not who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do to my body, therefore i made the decision to be active and conscious about what i was consuming. I started to work out around 3 – 4 times a week, around my job and uni lectures. It has been a difficult journey to balance but one I love, enjoy and wish to continue. If you are feeling the same as a Uni student or anyone who wants to make a change to your lifestyle,  let me help you find that balance! I have still partied during this final year of uni, just everything in moderation being a little more decisive about what you consume goes a very long way. Again thanks for following me on my journey. (Outfit details-Top, Primark. Leggings- Adidas. Trainers- Nike).

Transformation update! Happy Friday x

Here is my most recent transformation update to show you the difference two years of small changes mixed with consistency can make. Happy Friday! (Outfit details- Top Primark, Jogger Nike, Trainers Nike).

T. x

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