Thank you for choosing to visit my fitness blog. As you are aware I am a very active person who trains around 4 times a week. Due to other commitments such as work and university I have not been able to peruse my passion as whole heartedly as i would like too. I have decided to start this blog to show you all how i train and how I have transformed my diet and body whilst being at university. As a student I was instantly sucked into the university lifestyle of drinking heavy and a terrible diet. However, I have decided this is no longer who i wanted to be, or how i wanted to live my life. Many people feel they can not live a healthy lifestyle living on university budget, I am liyving proof that that is not true! In life we all have choices, and by viewing thist blog I am sure you are on the way to making that transition to a healthier, active lifestyle. Follow my posts to see work out routines, diet and meal suggestions, tips and tricks to manage healthy life on a budget that is suitable to yourself. Finally, inspire you to get the body you have always wanted. I am still on my journey, so join me and start yours!