Many people feel they can not afford to eat healthy or have the time to cook and prepare such meals. But the truth is people would rather take the easy option, that fast food option. 

A medium Maccies meal could set you back around £5.00-£6.00, depending on whether you like the extras or go large. That’s a lot of money for one meal, which probably won’t fill you up, contains around 700 calories and finally has little nutritional value. 

I’ve managed to create three meals all containing essential vitamins and minerals, the best part being preparation time is only around 10-15 minutes! 

Ingredients and approximate prices are listed below: 


  • Extra Lean beef escalopes -£3.95
  • 178kcal per 100g serving 
  • Mixed vedgtables with garlic but serving -£1.50 
  • 56kcal serving 
  • Lime and coriander rice – 0.60 
  • 147.3kcal per serving 
  • Olives -optional 

Total Price £6.05 

These meals can be stored in the refrigerator once prepared.I always consume mine within 2 -3 days maximum. These meals are very low in calorie intake. Portion sizes can be adjusted to the meet requirements of the individual. 

SWAP that Maccies!